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I Love This Work

Years ago, I began studying Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. From there I discovered Shiatsu, a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and bodywork, adding craniosacral therapy and reflexology.  Blending these modalities, I provide a nurturing and effective treatment to people who seek relief from stress and pain. I continue to study. I take courses in breath, fascia and nervous systems, pelvic floor and core strength.  As a shiatsu massage practitioner I saw that movement and strength are important for clients to address chronic pain. and stress.  Experiencing the benefits of Pilates for myself I decided to study that too. I love Pilates, it enables me to thrive in a physically demanding job. Pilates has shown me I am strong. 


Working with Pilates clients  I get to watch their progress;  helping people discover their strength; watching bodies change, both their posture and abilities; I love getting to know my clients, meeting them where they are. I get to work with some awesome people - I am so lucky. Shiatsu and Pilates beautifully complement each other, movement and strength make for a happy body! I love this work, I bring relief, insight and support to each client I work with, I look forward to working with you!

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