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Shiatsu & Pilates

Feel the way you want to

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Gentle Healing

Your Path to Wellness

Shiatsu is a form of bodywork rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine combining acupressure and massage. Shiatsu is used to treat all types of pain, especially neck, back and joint pain. It brings your body into balance improving sleep, digestive, PMS/menopause, and emotional issues. Pilates strengthens your body/mind connection, develops core strength, improves posture increases flexibility while being easy on your joints. Together, shiatsu & Pilates can help you feel the way you want to.

Pilates Reformer
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Pilates Practitioner
Reiki Treatment
Hand Massage


Empower & Support

Reformer Pilates

Personal Guidance

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Lori offers both hands-on and movement modalities: shiatsu, craniosacral and reflexology at Selby Acupuncture and Pilates at her home studio.

Home Studio 
​Coming soon for friends, family & referrals. 

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